too many toys

December 12, 2010

family life

My boys have too many toys. I went crazy when they were younger and bought them all of the fantastic plastic. Now, looking through a Steiner lens I can see the problems this has caused with storage, mess, and anxiety. Having lots of plastic toys has not limited their imagination, but they do tend to ignore them in favour of sticks and things they can make themselves.

So, I thinned them out the other day, reduced them by one-third. And the most wonderful thing has happened. They are now putting them away when they are finished playing with them because it is much more manageable for them. They also play better with fewer toys because they can readily see what’s available instead of wading through heaps of stuff.

I had the same difficulties at playgroup. Boxes and boxes of toys that the children never really played with and that I continually had to sort. So, I have got rid of them too and will replace them with a few good quality wooden toys from a local craftsman that I met at the Steiner fair recently.

Less is definitely more.

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3 Comments on “too many toys”

  1. kloppenmum Says:

    Yes, me again. Had the same problem. We’re down to lego, dress-ups, bikes and tools. Still a mess, but will cull again in the next week or two.


    • hakea Says:

      My boys have lots of Playmobil and Schleich. Although they are plastic, they are excellent quality, and they provide many hours of imaginative and interactive play.

      We have lots of construction stuff – zoobs, meccano, lego, magnetix, k’nex – that they just don’t use, except to make elaborate swords and laser weapons.

      It’s the superhero and character (like Toy Story) stuff which is so limiting and is slowly being weeded out.


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