every home should have one…

December 21, 2010

family life, parenting

a rocking chair.

Our rocking chair is one of those sliding types. I bought it when I was pregnant with my first. It was wonderful for soothing fractious babies and sleep-deprived me.

It went off to my in-laws place when stepdaughter moved in, we just didn’t have the space to keep it. My mother-in-law fancied growing old in a rocking chair, but it never quite suited her. She got it reupholstered. She moved it from room to room trying to find the right spot, but never found it. I missed it like crazy.

It has now returned to us, and we are rediscovering the joy.

It sits pride of place in our back room, where the first rays of morning sunshine make it a warm, sunny place to be. Rarely able to sleep past first light, I am the day’s first occupant. A place to reflect and meditate. As the boys get up they head first for the rocking chair, before they move on to their breakfast. I plonk reluctant-risers in the rocking chair on those mornings when I need them to get on with things, it’s a not-so-startling start to the day.

It’s great for soothing tired or injured boys, and for a cuddle. And for Quiet Time when they are getting too rambunctious.

At the end of the day, I sit in the rocking chair, and the boys pull up chairs around, and I read to them.

Our rocking chair is at the heart of our home, and we all love it.

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2 Comments on “every home should have one…”

  1. kloppenmum Says:

    What a great idea. We were given one but it’s remained in pieces while Craig gets around to fixing it…sigh. Isn’t that sensation of rocking just gorgeous?


  2. lilzbear Says:

    I tend to get jealous when I see the look of bliss of someone in a rocking chair…because as fun as it looks, I can’t sit in one for very long. The sensation as I go back always makes me feel like I’m going to fall, so I have to stop. I sure would have liked to use a rocking chair while I was nursing, but I had to settle for a comfy chair that reclined.


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