madness is…

December 24, 2010

family life

3 kids and 2 dogs

i say: stop running around the house, go outside
they say: we don’t want to go outside, the dogs are outside
i say: the dogs love for you to play with them
an hour of grumbling and excuses ensues, they finally emerge ready to go outside, dressed as a knight and a king, and … spiderman
meanwhile the dogs have been whipping themselves into a frenzy in anticipation of the boys coming to greet them, they are waiting at the back door, ready
the boys gather, they let out an almighty roar as they besiege the back door
the door flings open, as the boys’ energy meets the dogs’ energy there is more roaring, the dogs pounce
the boys grab their weapons, plastic golfsticks which have been rendered useless for the purpose of playing golf by Bella’s incessant gnawing despite us having spent the national debt on ‘dog toys’
boys and dogs all run around the yard, still roaring, boys engaging in sword fights with the golf sticks occasionally howling when they cop a blow, the dogs nipping at their heels and barking
and then it’s on
Fergus gets upset with Bella, he thinks the boys belong to him
Fergus protects the boys from Bella by attacking her
being plucky, and bigger, she defends herself, and it’s a full-on dog fight
the boys start yelling at the dogs, and trying to separate them with their golf stick swords
i start yelling at the boys, “get the hell away from them, you are making it worse, Fergus and Bella have been living with each other for a year now and they haven’t killed each other yet, and don’t get between two dogs fighting”
boys run around the yard again
dogs stop fighting and chase each other around the yard
hours of swashbuckling fun have gone by,
the boys say that the enemy has been defeated as the dogs are laying in the shade, worn out

it’s like a scene from a monty python movie

i wonder what the neighbours think

one of the soccer mums has three boys and one dog, and agrees that the male testosterone/alpha dog dynamic is interesting to manage, and laughs and shakes her head at the complexity created by adding another dog to the mix

middle son, who loves the movie Men in Black, and thought he was Will Smith’s brother when he was little, is constantly at me to get a pug


son, do you think i’m completely crazy?

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2 Comments on “madness is…”

  1. kloppenmum Says:

    That is the height of testosterone, and confirms why we are yet (yes it is inevitable) to get a dog.
    Great story.


    • hakea Says:

      Madness makes the world go ’round.
      At the end of the day I say “kids and dogs, who’d have them?”
      The reply is always “me”
      they make me laugh, so much energy and enthusiasm


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