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January 22, 2011

books for kids

Donaldson, J. (author) & Scheffler, A. (2008). Stick man. London: Scholastic.

Stick man is just minding his business, going for a jog, when someone mistakes him for a fetching stick, a pooh stick, a nesting stick, a flag pole for the top of a sand castle, a sword, a hook, a boomerang, an arm for a snowman…and, uh oh, a stick for the fire. How will Stick Man get out of this one?

This book is a firm favourite at home and at playgroup. It has engaging rhyme and repetition, and the story is cleverly crafted. At playgroup, the children made their own stick people. A grandma who comes to playgroup says her granddaughter asks for her to tell the story of stick man every day (they don’t have the book) and their stick person has wonderful adventures.

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7 Comments on “stick man”

  1. mamadandelion Says:

    We just took this from the library, we love Donaldson’s other books so didn’t think much of it. But Agatha freaked out, crying when Stick man ended up in the fireplace. It took some time to calm her down and convince her to read the rest of the story. She was okay by the end, knowing he was safe, but she was very upset by his predicament.


    • hakea Says:

      Yes, Stick Man does end up in a variety of sticky situations (no pun intended).

      Good thing no littlies at playgroup freaked out, but the suspense was building. This is a story that children and parents ask for again and again at playgroup.

      Hopefully, Agatha, now knowing the ending, will enjoy having it read to her again. Would she enjoy making her own stick person, who can have his/her own adventures?

      Thanks for commenting.


      • mamadandelion Says:

        She’s not sure about the story right now. We’ll see if creating a stick man of her own would help. It might. I know playing through things helps. Tonight, before bed, she created fires/fireplaces all over the house. It seemed to help.

      • hakea Says:

        Sorry to hear that she was traumatised by the story. She must have a high level of empathy.

        Hopefully she’ll find comfort in being able to protect her own stick person and choose his/her activities.

        Please let me know how it goes.

  2. mamadandelion Says:

    Well she didn’t want anything to do with Stick Man or his story for quite a while, but last night we read it again and she was okay, but also asked for it to go back to the Library.

    From what we can see she is a very empathetic girl, but her initial reaction was stronger than we’d ever seen before. We also recently watched “Meet the Robinsons” and she reacted strongly to that as well – very concerned that the main character, Lewis, was in an orphanage.

    The questions she asked, at 2yrs old, were very tricky to answer without colouring the world dark.


    • hakea Says:

      Thanks for the update.

      It was good she was able to sit through it this time without getting upset. That gives you some idea that she is open to giving things another go.

      You’ll possibly have to anticipate her reaction to the books, movies, life experiences, she will be exposed to so you can be ready to support her. A potential animal rights or human rights activist you have there.

      I haven’t seen Meet the Robinsons, but I spoke to a lot of people who grew up in orphanages when I was working in foster care, and they expressed gratitude for the care they received. They weren’t all bad, thank goodness!


  3. mamadandelion Says:

    The orphanage was depicted as loving, her concern was more because he didn’t have a mommy and daddy until the end of the movie.

    Whether watching or listening we’re there and can stop and talk – it helps, but we can’t force things, she needs to approach them in her own time.

    Stick man has, so far, created the strongest reaction.


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