taking stock #1

February 6, 2011

family life

After many years of being ruled by my head I decided that I need to give equal focus to the Heart, Hands, and Head.

How did I do in January?


Bits and pieces, not good at concentrating on one book at a time and found that I am not alone in that department  http://www.theconfidentintrovert.com/2011/01/12/addicted-to-ideas/

Listening to

Silence as much as possible.


Cesar Millan “The Dog Whisperer”. This bloke must have been a dog in a past life.


Nothing at the moment, but thinking about knitting squares for Wrap With Love.


Blogging – meeting lots of different people from lots of different places with lots of good ideas.


How to accommodate another year of study with kids and work, and decided that I am going to take it easy on myself and just study one subject this semester. My youngest boy started at school and despite his bravado, the indications are that he is going to need a non-stressed, not-too-flat-out mum. So, I have planned my work hours so the boys only need to be at after school care one afternoon per week, and told the boss that I am no longer going to work 50 hours per week for 18 hours pay. No-one believed me when I told them I was not going to be a workaholic this year. I’m going to sign up to do reading help at the school. 


Finally received my resources, and I am learning Arabic, slowly. I can ask someone if they want a drink of water or a kebab (hehehe). Unfortunately the Arabic I am learning is a bit different to my friend’s dialect but we are having interesting conversations about it, and she laughs at my Aussie accent, saying “you sound just like my kids”.


Qi Gong every day.

Patting and talking to the dogs every day.

Watering the plants. Picking the cabbage moth grubs off the seedlings and relocating them.


To practice guitar.

To art journal.

Looking for

A learning institution where I can do psychoanalytical studies.


To breathe, one breath at a time.


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6 Comments on “taking stock #1”

  1. kloppenmum Says:

    I’d like to say something clever and supportive, but everything I think of just sounds twee. So instead: 🙂


    • hakea Says:



      after being absolutely, totally, and utterly flat-out for the longest time, and now feeling a bit crispy around the edges, I am enjoying stopping to smell the eucalyptus.


  2. Yelena Says:

    that’s a lot of things you are doing! your progress with Arabic is much better than mine with French (although I shouldn’t be complaining since I only practice 30-40 minutes each week). What are you planning to study this year?


    • hakea Says:

      Hi Yelena

      I am enjoying the language learning. I have a Michel Thomas CD and booklet. The Michel Thomas system builds vocabulary slowly and in a naturalistic way. It teaches the phrases that you would need in a family situation rather than as a tourist. You can get French, and might be something you would enjoy? Rocket Boy would be able to learn along with you if he was interested?

      I have just finished a BA in education (all theory, no prac), so if I want to teach I need to do the pracs and also the curriculum subjects. I’m just not sure I want to go down this track. Another four years at uni (part-time). I’m getting nudged because a teacher’s pay is three times what I am doing now, community work. I love working with kids but I don’t want to do it all day every day. My masters degree was in child and adolescent mental health and therapeutic casework is my true love. But with my own kids being young I need to be more emotionally available to them than my clients. If circumstances were different, I would be back into child protection quick as a wink. Anyway, that’s my existential crisis in a nutshell.


  3. janekatch Says:

    I did a program at a psychoanalytic institute ( this was in Chicago) that was for teachers. It was connected with a local university so I got graduate school credit for the courses. The courses were in things like normal and abnormal child development and group dynamics, all from a psychoanalytic perspective. It wasn’t publicized much–I had to go looking for it. I really liked the people in the program– both the faculty and the students–and got a lot out of it.


    • hakea Says:

      Hi Jane

      My masters degree gave me a taste, and now I am hungry for more. I love Freud, Winnicott, Klein, Bion, Jung, and there is probably more that I am not aware of. I only recently became aware of Lacan. I also enjoy reading about the work of Milton Erickson. Brilliant minds!

      I think I found an institution in Melbourne where I can study by distance. It seems to focus on Freud and Lacan, so I need to clarify that, and also how much $$$.


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