the tree

February 8, 2011

books for kids

Lyons, D. (author) & Danioth, D. (illustrator). (2002). The Tree. Bellevue, WA: Illumination Arts Publishing Company.

I love a book that makes the playgroup parents gasp, roll around in laughter, or clap at the end of the story. My aim at storytime is to engage the parents as much as the kids.

I read the book “The Tree” yesterday at playgroup. This is a simply worded book with minimal text, but elaborate and breathtaking illustrations. It is the story of an 800 year-old Douglas Fir Tree in the Pacific Rain Forest in the USA and the animals and environment that are connected to its being.

At the start of the story I gave the children an overview of the story. Some of the children talked about how some trees in their yards had been chopped down. At the end of the story, I told the children that Native American people believe that every tree has its own song. 

The parents clapped at the end of this story and were delighted by the illustrations.

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3 Comments on “the tree”

  1. frizztext Says:

    there is a movie with this title in the cinemas too 🙂
    I noticed you, because I liked your comment at


    • hakea Says:

      guten tag frizztext

      you’ve visited my place before, you’re always welcome.

      there’s a song written by Dana Lyons, the author of the book. you can hear it on youtube (but it’s not to my taste).

      thanks very much for the film reference. it’s not about this book, but it sounds like an interesting story, and made in Australia too! The movie was based on the book “our father who art in the tree” and i’m inspired to read it now.

      thanks so much for visiting and commenting!!!!!!


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