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August 25, 2011

family life

The lovely phrogmom has bestowed a Liebster Award upon my blog.

The Liebster Award is said to have originated in Germany. ”Liebster” translated to English means “beloved”.

I was a bit confused when I saw this as I had never seen the word “liebster” but I had seen and used “liebchen”. So, I looked it up, and sure enough both words are used for the same meaning. So pedantics aside (although I still prefer liebchen, and would it be ok if I renamed the award? – just joking, sort of) …

The Liebster Award is meant to bring more attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers.

And the rules are:

1.  Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2.  Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3.  Post the award on your blog.
4.  Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet.
5.  And best of all – have fun and spread the karma!

So, here it goes…

Thank you phrogmom.

I love her energy. Two kids, numerous animals, art and handcraft projects galore, speed-reading, has her own t-shirt printing business, and she can weld real metal. What’s not to love? I would love to spend some afternoons with phrogmom drinking tea, making art, and watching our crazy kids and critters run rings around each other.

My other liebchen’s…

  • Marcia at Inside Journeys. I have kids, Marcia doesn’t. Marcia travels, I don’t. But we have bonded over e-conversations about social justice and spirituality. Another person I would like to spend some afternoons with drinking tea and watching cricket (Marcia is originally from Jamaica). Maybe even play some backyard cricket, where a hit over the fence is “six and out”.
  • Elizabeth at Mirth and Motivation. Elizabeth would have more than 200 followers, but she is a prolific writer. Elizabeth has a generous spirit. She makes comments on all of her follower’s posts (she must have insomnia).
  • Nathan over at A Beautiful Place of the World. We have had some long e-conversations over at his blog and via email. His partner, Natalie, sent me one of their fabulous Feeleez kits and I can’t wait to use it with some kids. Nathan and Natalie have also written children’s books about feelings, and they are going to offer an ecourse soon. Nathan is somewhat famous and his blog is visited by Dr Laura from Aha! parenting. Although we work with parents from different walks of life, Nathan reminds me to be idealistic in spirit even if it’s difficult to be idealistic in practice. Nathan also has a blog called The Upshot.
  • Santo at QED Insight. I can’t remember how Santo and I met in blogland, but he has been a consistent and kind blogging friend. Unfortunately I can’t comment on Santo’s blog very often because I don’t understand anything that Santo writes. He is a maths and physics whiz and I love that there are people who are great at maths and physics (wishing that I were one of them).
  • In the therapy world there is blaxter at Child Therapy & Mental Health and Geoff Ferguson. Blaxter has very kindly given me the opportunity to have some of my work published, and Geoff has been supportive in my interest of psychotherapy.

I’m adding just one more…

  • Team Oyeniyi – another Aussie. It’s lovely to read her posts about her new family after such a long battle for their residency.

This has been a lovely thing to do and reflect upon, but it’s not helping me to prepare for teaching my ethics class tomorrow.

Good night all, and best wishes.


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6 Comments on “liebster award”

  1. Insidejourneys Says:

    Oh, Narelle, thank you! I’m truly honored to be in such good company. I certainly enjoy reading your blog and look forward to each post.
    We will have to plan some time for our tea and cricket, ok?
    Thanks again,


  2. Team Oyeniyi Says:

    Thanks for the mention! Love your choices and congratulations on the award!


  3. ElizOF Says:

    Ty Liebchen Hakea, for this lovely award and I apologize for my delayed reply… We are deluged by the hurricane rains and I have intermittent internet.
    TY again and I will, at a later date, bestow it on others… I love your blog and look forward to new posts from you… I know you have been busy.
    Take care, 🙂


    • hakea Says:

      Hi Eliz

      I’m amazed you are on the internet with all that chaos going on around you! From what I saw on the news you are getting lots and lots of rain. An earthquake and a hurricane in the same week.

      Stay safe.


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