drop a love bomb

September 9, 2011

community work

I was cruising around blogs the other week, as one does when one is avoiding tackling the mountain of washing confronting one, and I happened upon the following site…

drop a love bomb

the idea is that people nominate someone with a blog who could use a mountain of support, and the organisers choose one person per week to receive a ‘love bomb’. Subscribers to the love bomb site are encouraged to send their support to the chosen person.

This week, the chosen person is little Stella. Her mums Aimee and Mishi write the most beautiful blog I think I have ever read. It’s here http://stellabrunermethven.com/index.php?id=85.

When you read their story you will count your blessings.


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7 Comments on “drop a love bomb”

  1. InsideJourneys Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Narelle!
    Hey I gave you an award – http://insidejourneys.com/?p=6858
    Check it out.


  2. ElizOF Says:

    What a brilliant idea… I will check it out TY! 🙂


    • hakea Says:

      I thought you would like it!


      • eof737 Says:

        How are you doing? You haven’t posted in a while… Hope you are okay. 😦

      • hakea Says:

        Hi Eliz

        Thank you for the thought.

        Spring has sprung! Concentrating on losing that “last 10 kilos”, spring cleaning, planting and repotting, more reading, more meditation, more living in the present moment.

        Since turning 10, my eldest boy has become highly reactive (emotional, aggressive) and it is creating some conflict. Hormones? I’m having to adjust parenting skills and techniques.

        We are now at the start of the school holidays (again!). Another 2 weeks of trying to keep these fellas fed, busy, and content.

        I have been asked to write another article for the UK journal “Counselling Children & Young People”. Deadline soon. Very grateful for the opportunity.

        Doing my best to keep up with other’s blog posts though.

        Much love.

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