bikes, boys, and being mum

April 13, 2012

family life

It was so good yesterday
They wanted to do it again.
We lifted the bikes over the school fence
to ride on the netball court.
So big now
and so fast
so confident
pushing new limits every day
No-one needs me now
To hold the bike whilst he gets on
To run behind the bike
whilst he zig-zags
and steers wildly
To catch him as he banks left
and nearly falls.
But I’m there
Looking on
And stopping myself
from saying “be careful”.
I look away
and in that moment
there’s a scrape and a crash
a brief moment of silence
then the howl
a bike on the ground
a crumpled boy
I hold him
still howling
shaking from the shock
We sit together
on the bench
I hug him and he cries
hurting and heartbroken
How can something that felt so good
Turn so quickly into pain?
He sobs and sobs.
I hug him
and rock him
“sh sh sh sh sh”
I don’t want him to shush the crying
but how to take the pain away?
“it hurts so much” I whisper.
I can’t remember anyone hugging my hurts out.
Will he?
There are bandaids in my bag
but I’ve forgotten about them.
We watch the other boys
pick up the discarded bike
to put it aside
and ride on
Now I call out
“be careful”
as I straighten the handlebars
so they are in line with the wheel
The crying turns into a whimper
“I can’t ride my bike now
it hurts too much”
the bottom lip goes out
We stay,
it’s less fun with one less
they are less fast, less confident
the youngest falls off his bike
four times
just to show that he can do it too
and goes out again
after a hug.
I wheel the bike to the fence
and lift it over,
“Want to coast down the hill to home? It might be easier than walking?”
“OK, I’ll try”
He’s on the bike again.

Inspired by Bentlily (


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7 Comments on “bikes, boys, and being mum”

  1. InsideJourneys (@InsideJourneys) Says:

    Beautiful! Brings back memories of my (many) bike accidents.


  2. janeantony Says:

    This is so touching!!! It’s like a moment every mom would have lived through at least once in their life time. Great post!!!


    • hakea Says:

      Hi Jane

      Thank you for your kind comment.

      This was my first attempt at writing poetry. Samantha Reynolds at Bentlily makes it look so easy, but that little effort took me half a day.

      Best Wishes


  3. eof737 Says:

    It’s a wonderfllydescriptive poem. Great job! I’m finally catching up on blogs; about 3500 emails! I’ll comment on other/future posts. Thanks for your patience! 🙂


  4. Artful abuela Says:

    i have nominated you for the liebster blog award. i enjoy reading your blog very much and this is a way to let you know.


  5. eof737 Says:

    How are you doing Hakea? 😉


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