school holiday fun

January 13, 2013

family life

2-52 2013


Good, simple school holiday fun:

Boys blowing bubbles for the dogs “because they love it”;

Sitting on the back step with a friend in the sun to dry out, after three hours playing on the waterslide;

Climbing the lilly pilly tree to see where your brothers’ handball landed on the roof whilst playing backyard cricket the day before;

Puppy naps;

A box to play in, sometimes it’s a military outpost, sometimes it’s a place for contemplation;

Rumbling, tumbling, wrestling, and jumping with the dogs. A  friend calls my three boys “the puppies” because that’s how they play.


I’ve discovered that the best way to enjoy six weeks’ school holidays is keeping the boys busy with their friends. Going over to their friends’ houses, going out with their friends’ families, sleepovers, and doing the same at our place (although I can only cope with up to six boys at a time in our small space). I call it  “kid swap” and I learn so much about my family and my children by having other children here. And I’m sure that the boys learn so much about themselves by being with other families.


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5 Comments on “school holiday fun”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Love it! I want to join in with the bubbles!


  2. greenmackenzie Says:

    Dogs children and bubbles are always a winning combination 🙂 Although I have to confess to paying with bubbles even when there are no children around


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