guppies, the fifth element, and yes!

January 27, 2013

family life

4-52 2013

This week…

We’ve been watching the spider for several months now. I thought that spiders spun a web every night. They don’t. Sometimes she (?) recycles bits of the old web.  Sometimes she gives herself a night off. Sometimes she disappears for a few hours and I worry that she’s been eaten by a bird. She used to spin her web across the path to our garage. She has now learnt (?) to angle her web so we don’t disturb it when we walk past. She must be getting lots of tucker because she’s getting mighty big. The last three nights she has only spun a few strands, she’s slowing down. I wonder what the next phase will be.

Eldest boy went to a friend’s house and came home with guppies. He wanted to keep them but I gave him 24 hours to observe them and then we took them back to the lagoon where they came from. Feeling a sense of impending doom (he was worried that the guppies may die) the youngest boy hurried everyone up to get ready to go to the lagoon, remonstrating that “if a bushfire was coming, you wouldn’t be so slow” – immensely practical that boy. After spending some time at the lagoon, I think that the eldest boy understood that life at the lagoon is better than life in an ice cream container if you’re a guppy.

Middle boy, ever since he could write, has created card games. In the style of Bakugan, each card has its own set of points and challenges. These games all have complex rules, and he gets frustrated with his brothers when they can’t grasp the concept. His latest project is a card game titled “Heroes and Demons”.

He also writes little books, stories, and cartoons. He has notebooks and pieces of paper everywhere. When he’s not talking about becoming a spy, he thinks he might be a writer. Below is a little book that he started a few years ago, it has a front page and a back page and nothing in the middle. He has been carrying this little book around with him lately. Maybe he’s going to start filling in the middle?

The 5th Element

Front page. “This is the story of Earth’s future: the Fire Empire and it’s allies control Earth in tyrrany. The War of the Powers is over, and the Fire won. A group of sorcerers and warriors called the Oncoming Storm are fighting for independence in the ruined world. These fighters have to stop…”

Back page. “The 6th dimension, revealed to two travellers from Earth. What will happen when their peaceful world is turned into the Lord of the Demon, the Empire’s world. They must choose whose side their [sic] on, or suffer the consequences. The Shadow & the Freedom Fighters or the Emperor and his armies of Fire. But will they survive anyway, for the Dark Spirit is being summoned, and it must be stopped from destroying Earth’s future as we know it.”

On Australia Day (26th January) we had scones for tea. Myhusband makes scones to rival the Country Women’s Association. We sang…

Australians all let us rejoice
for we have scones for tea (it’s supposed to be “for we are young and free”)

After being in the ground for about six years, we have one lonely mango on the tree. In previous years, the tree has set fruit but they have withered on the hot days. This mango tree came from one of the foster care families I worked with when I worked in out-of-home care. A lovely couple, they lived on several acres on the river and had a yard full of mango trees that they’d grown from seed. I’m putting a lot of water on the tree to grow this one mango fruit.

Youngest boy has been having swimming lessons every day for the past two weeks. He often rings on the way home to let me know how he’s done. This morning, he rang…

Boy: Mum, is the pug there?
Me: Yes mate, the pug is here.
Boy: Can I speak with her?
Me: Uh, OK, you do know she can’t talk on the phone?
Boy: Yes Mum, I just really need to speak with her.
Me: Putting it on speaker now.

Boy talked to pug. Pug sniffed and licked the phone and looked generally confused.

It will be back to school and work this week after six glorious weeks of saying YES. “Mum, can you play Minotaurus with me?” Yes! “Mum, can we go to the park?” Yes! “Mum, can we go back outside to play after dinner? Yes! So many wonderfully simple YESes.. No more lazy days of making it up as you go along. No more romping with the dogs until late, watching plants and puppies and kids grow, watching the flying foxes make their way west to feed for the night, playing board games, climbing trees, catching and releasing guppies. My mother and mother-in-law both asked if I’ll be happy to see the kids go back to school. No, I love having my kids at home.


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6 Comments on “guppies, the fifth element, and yes!”

  1. phrogmom Says:

    sounds like a wonderful week!! you’ll have to keep us posted on how the story of the 5th element comes along!


  2. Michelle Says:

    I know I’ve said this before but I am really enjoying reading your weekly reflections! You have a talent for story telling I imagine? Your posts are both entertaining and food for thought – a great combination for stories.

    Your middle boys drawings and writings about his card games look so much like my own sons, subject matter and all that I had to look twice! Now that my son is almost 13 he had begun to leave this type of activity behind which makes me sad but he is now finding creative expression through music. He lives and breathes it.

    As I write this I realise that all the things he has done in his young life have been done intensely and passionately, giving it his all. Even though he gets his musical abilities from my husband I can see now that the way he engages with it is more like me – maybe he is his mother’s son after all! Of course he is, and his father’s son but most importantly he is his own person finding his own way on his own unique journey and I love being witness to that.

    Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on this. Until next week …..


    • hakea Says:

      Hi Michelle

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

      My middle boy is also very good at music, also from his Dad. It is interesting to see how they grow and the interests they develop. The challenge as a parent is reflecting on the ways you may limit them, sometimes without realising it.


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