pedlars parade and conscientious shopping

April 1, 2013

family life

Our school holds a Pedlars Parade every year, the day before the Easter break. It is probably the biggest event and fundraiser of the year. The children go to school in costume and bring a tray of wares to sell at school in a recreation of a market.

My eldest boy was a viking selling bone-shaped lollies in a cardboard box that he made to look like a viking ship. I made the cape and fur around his shoulders and shins. The middle boy dressed as a mad scientist calling himself Dr Cockroach, and selling Awesome Shock popping candy. The youngest boy dressed as a demon and sold red jelly beans which he called Demon’s Fire Starters.

Too many lollies ingested and the sugar crash came early evening at soccer training, but Pedlar’s Parade only comes once a year and the kids love it.


We were talking at dinner one evening about how the big supermarkets (Coles and Woolworths) are putting a squeeze on farmers to reduce milk prices, and making dairy farming not sustainable. My middle boy was outraged and said that we should no longer shop at the big supermarkets and we all decided to take a stand against their unethical business practices. So, we will now be shopping at the Independent Grocers who are not big enough to do farmers and small producers out of business.


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5 Comments on “pedlars parade and conscientious shopping”

  1. phrogmom Says:

    they look great in their costumes! and i am so impressed, and gladdened to hear about them (and you) taking a stand for small farmers!


    • hakea Says:

      Hi phroggie

      I do like how they are starting to think about how their actions impact on the world. That’s not to say they apply the same skills when they are fighting amongst each other. It’s a process!


      • phrogmom Says:

        well, i know that even i can forget out the best of intentions in a stressful moment!

        how is the pugglemonster? getting big? did you ever get strawberries from your hanging pot?

      • hakea Says:

        Hi phroggie

        Pugglemonster is too fat, as decreed by the vet, and at the grand old age of 5 months is on a diet. She also has a histiocytoma on her face which kinda looks a bit strange. I’ll post a pic of her this week, if she will stay still long enough. I thought she was going to be the calming influence but the kids have made her manic like them.

        Dang, hanging pots were a waste of money. The handles are starting to rip due to the weight of the soil. It’s back to the standard pots or into the ground for us!

      • phrogmom Says:

        oh poor puggles!! is it painful? both of our dogs are a little like sausages. but bigger sausages with longer legs 🙂

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