snapshot – may twenty-fifteen

May 2, 2015

family life

I am…
cooking :  Cooking is not my forte. And I’m not in a cooking mood at the moment. By special request, I made a minestrone soup a few weeks ago. I do make a hearty and life sustaining minestrone, and the boys loved it.
drinking : Tantric Turtle‘s loose leaf chai tea
reading : I’ve just finished ‘Saving June’ by Hannah Harrington. I just can’t progress to adult fiction, young adult is more my speed. Saving June is the story of Harper who is processing the suicide of her sister. It’s an honest novel without getting too morose. It’s sassy, likeable, memorable, and a wonderful reflection of adolescence. I enjoyed how the dialogue between the characters was short and punchy. The writer filled the spaces between the minimal dialogue with everything the main character was thinking and feeling (and there was a lot of that). The writer understands grief very well. I couldn’t put this book down and I think it would make a good movie.
I’m part way through ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry, ‘A Little Fear’ by Patricia Wrightson, and ‘Tiddas’ by Anita Heiss. Anita Heiss is an Aboriginal author and ‘tiddas’ is Aboriginal English for ‘sisters’. Patricia Wrightson is a non-Aboriginal author who had a deep respect for Aboriginal culture and many of her books (for children) included Aboriginal  mythology and/or characters.
Before ‘Saving June’ I read ‘The Signature of All Things’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. Aside from the mention of Captain Cook, Sir Joseph Banks, the Australian natives, and a glimpse into the life and times of the late 1700’s and early 1800’s in America, I didn’t like this book at all. I only finished it to see if it got any better towards the end and because my husband bought it for me. I felt that the writing was pretentious.
feeling : Much better, thanks. I’ve not had glowing good health since November last year. A strange conglomeration of vague and variable symptoms, for which the GP was happy to give me a constant stream of antibiotics although they didn’t help. I asked for some tests. I’ve had ultrasounds, CT scans, bone scans, blood tests, urine tests. I’ve also had a bout of renal colic – a kidney stone. The tests were clear, apart from the offending kidney stone, and bursitis in my hips. In sum, they don’t know what is the matter with me.
fuming (and despairing): at the racist and corrupt actions of our government. Watch this documentary Our Generation (2010) and let me know if you are not gobsmacked.
reflecting: on how much fun Iron Fest was this year. Always held on a weekend in April in the country town of Lithgow, it is the only weekend of the year that we plan in advance. Iron Fest is a mish-mash of medieval, steampunk, and bohemian, with a dash of military. We get dressed in our medieval gear. The boys enjoy archery. This year, all of the medieval re-enactors demonstrated the games that were played in those times, and many of the crafts. We laughed at the Vikings ambushing the World War II army tanks. Check out some of the photos on the Facebook page.
wanting : to get into some naalbinding.
looking : for a nice pair of fingerless gloves for the cooler weather. Do you like these ?
planting: I haven’t done much gardening since Fergus (our fox terrier) was bitten by a death adder in our backyard. Our neighbour found a baby death adder swimming in her pool. And another neighbour found eggs in a mound of grass. As it is cooler now (Autumn), snakes will be slower and not as active, but I’m still a bit traumatised by the whole experience. Fergus is fine. As plucky as ever, but he has some residual paralysis in his tongue which makes eating a bit slower going for him.
wondering : when it is going to stop raining. We have had many weeks of rain and storms. Our three dogs wish they had duck feet. I wish we had another rainwater tank. It’s been a slow start to the soccer season as the fields are too sodden to play on.
loving : Delving into the writing of Sarah Bessey and Micha Boyett.
watching : Elementary. Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are adorable together, like an old married couple. I am also watching Arrow, and Flash, with my youngest boy who is enamoured with all things Marvel. I think that the last movie I watched was The Desolation of Smaug, which was quite a while ago. What isn’t there to like about amazing scenery and cinematography, hobbits, elves, dwarves, and dragons? But I can do without those nasty orcs.
smelling : Osmanthus fragrans at our front door.
studying : I have signed up for a post-grad psychology degree. After much soul searching, I decided that if I didn’t attempt to become a psychologist before I got to the age of 55 then I will most likely regret it. I am just doing one subject per trimester. I am also studying chaplaincy in an attempt to keep my job at school.
singing :Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd
finding : work-life balance. Finally!

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One Comment on “snapshot – may twenty-fifteen”

  1. michaelwatsonvt Says:

    Marvelous! I love grad school, and in some way get to stay there by teaching. My students are not all so happy, as they think they know what they must learn, as did I. We try to compromise…..

    I am floored daily by the racism of governments in the English speaking world. It is truly horrifying, and resistance is so tiring, yet necessary. I am working to keep an open heart and mind, and was chastised in my dreams last night for failing to do so. But I so want to create a world without violence against anyone, a world where all people are respected, and especially where Indigenous people have a chance at a good life that fits our traditions and pleases the Ancestors and us.

    All of this is to say that I am deeply affected by your snapshot, and feel enormously simpatico. I wish you well, a slow, if it must be, or rapid, if it can be, return to health, safety in the garden and world in general, and courage to follow your hearts rovings.


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