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51 years old; raising three active shiny quirky young fellas; living with two pooches; growing herbs and vegies in pots (which is not always compatible with kids and dogs); trying to find balance and suspecting that there is no such thing; trying to ignore the housework (no-one ever won a Nobel Peace Prize for housework); and always looking for the joy.

I have three part-time jobs – family worker, chaplain, early intervention specialist. I work too hard and too long and need to find something else that gives me as much joy as my work – still looking

I have a BA majoring in education (Macquarie University), a Masters degree in Child & Adolescent Mental Health (NSW Institute of Psychiatry), a Cert IV in Pastoral Care, and a Grad Dip in Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy.I have also trained in art therapy, child-centered play therapy, and parent-child interaction therapy.

The line between home and work is very blurred. This blog contains my reflections on living and working with families and kids.



What is a hakea?

Hakea is the title of this blog and my pseudonym.

A hakea is an Australian native plant. I love them. They are resilient plants. They just grow. They usually don’t need any special treatment. Some have spiky leaves, some have smooth leaves. The flowers are unique and interesting. Hakeas are usually overlooked for more flashy plants. Not many people say “oh, isn’t that hakea magnificent” like they do with waratahs. Good for sheltering small birds from predators. Honest, tough, unique, and protective, with occasional flushes of brilliance.

Image from www.flora.sa.gov.au


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