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pug awakenings and arrival of the sock monster

February 10, 2013


It has always been difficult getting the boys up for school. They like to squeeze so much life into the day that they are reluctant to go to bed, and thus the bookends of our day are tricky. I have been guilty of letting them continue their play way past bedtime on many occasions because they are […]

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taking stock #2

March 25, 2011


Such a busy time at the moment. Having trouble keeping up with the 80 or so blogs that I subscribe to. And not being a very good blog buddy – I’m reading, just sometimes not commenting. And keeping a mental note of those who haven’t posted recently (Dark Star Burning, One Size Fits None, Duct […]

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madness is…

December 24, 2010


3 kids and 2 dogs       i say: stop running around the house, go outside   they say: we don’t want to go outside, the dogs are outside   i say: the dogs love for you to play with them   an hour of grumbling and excuses ensues, they finally emerge ready to go […]

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