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snapshot – may twenty-fifteen

May 2, 2015

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I am… . cooking :  Cooking is not my forte. And I’m not in a cooking mood at the moment. By special request, I made a minestrone soup a few weeks ago. I do make a hearty and life sustaining minestrone, and the boys loved it. . drinking : Tantric Turtle‘s loose leaf chai tea […]

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sentimental me

December 26, 2013


It’s been a sentimental year really. My Mum’s house burnt down in February. She was lucky to get out alive. She had taken a sleeping tablet before bed as there was a raging storm outside. Lightning hit the house in the middle of the night and followed the electricity lines into the kitchen and set […]

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liebster award

August 25, 2011


The lovely phrogmom has bestowed a Liebster Award upon my blog. The Liebster Award is said to have originated in Germany. ”Liebster” translated to English means “beloved”. I was a bit confused when I saw this as I had never seen the word “liebster” but I had seen and used “liebchen”. So, I looked it up, and sure enough both words are […]

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taking stock #3

July 19, 2011


Doing… We have just had two weeks school holidays. I’ve been taking the boys to the park as often as I can, to run off their energy. This hasn’t been easy as the weather has been wild some days, with 120 to 140 km/h winds. We went out with a friend one day during the holidays. […]

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taking stock #2

March 25, 2011


Such a busy time at the moment. Having trouble keeping up with the 80 or so blogs that I subscribe to. And not being a very good blog buddy – I’m reading, just sometimes not commenting. And keeping a mental note of those who haven’t posted recently (Dark Star Burning, One Size Fits None, Duct […]

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stylish blog award?

February 27, 2011


 Thumbles kindly passed on this chain mail http://cynilog.wordpress.com/2011/02/25/the-stylish-blog-award/, which I felt inclined to respond to because I haven’t posted anything for a wee while. The ‘rules’ are: 1. Disclose some things about myself by answering the questions below. 2. Link back the awarding blog, (click above). 3. Share the love and name of 15 blogs I’m […]

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the first one is an experiment

February 11, 2011


My first child kicked so hard and so much in utero, we joked that he was going to be a world class soccer player. He was active, and never seemed to rest. I worked two jobs whilst I was carrying him. One job was in a group home where one of the clients was very […]

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taking stock #1

February 6, 2011


After many years of being ruled by my head I decided that I need to give equal focus to the Heart, Hands, and Head. How did I do in January? Reading Bits and pieces, not good at concentrating on one book at a time and found that I am not alone in that department  http://www.theconfidentintrovert.com/2011/01/12/addicted-to-ideas/ Listening to Silence as much […]

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it’s a very strange feeling

February 2, 2011


I have had children at home for 9.5 years. And now I don’t.  The youngest bloke went off to school this morning. The house is so very quiet, and at midday, an hour after the in-laws left after having a cuppa and a chat, it has hit me like a ton of bricks.  This morning was […]

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milo inspires me to learn arabic

January 16, 2011


it is said that Milo of Croton built his strength to lift a fully grown cow, by lifting it every day from birth. as the calf grew, so did milo’s strength. is it the same with learning a new language? if i learn a new word or phrase every day, then at the end of […]

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